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My name is Al Eisele. I am the administrator of www.mantaexpatsonline.com. My wife (Linda) and I have lived in Manta, Ecuador since June 2010. We are originally from Cary, North Carolina where we both retired at a fairly young age. Linda was a business owner for over 18 years and sold her business when we decided to move to Manta. I retired after 33 years in NC law enforcement/training.

Manta Views

We live in a condominium building overlooking the pacific ocean. Everyday, we hear and see the ocean, swimmers, surfers, kite surfers, fishing boats, Manta Seaport and the fabulous sunsets over the ocean. 

Living in Manta

Our choice was Manta because of the ocean and great warm weather 24/7; however, we do get an occasional rain & slight earthquake.

Ecuadorians in Manta are great friendly people. Manta is about 300,000 people and is the largest fish producing city in South America. Your Sunkist & Bumble Bee tuna comes from Manta, Ecuador. I developed MantaExpatsOnline in July of 2011 in an effort to bring together those Expats living in Manta / Manabí Province by providing a focal point to inform everyone of local events and gatherings. 

 (Presently, Linda & I are visiting family in NC for the next several months) 

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We will do what we can to assist you when visiting and/or living in the Manta/Manabi area.


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