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APRIL 16, 2016



September 17, 2017
Manta is back to normal other than rebuilding of a few major road in and around the city. The new mall is open and doing well, a new hardware store is open in the Supermaxi previous location and most all condominium buildings have been repaired and open. And, naturally all the beaches are doing very well as is the nice sunny warm weather.

April 20th, 2017

Mall Del Pacifico OPEN (Manta's New Shopping Mall)

With a total construction area of 120 thousand square meters (m2), Mall Del Pacifico will be one of Ecuador's five largest malls.

It will even be larger than the San Marino Shopping in Quito, which has an area of 90,000 square meters, and the Quicentros Mall, which has an area of 93 thousand m2.

The infrastructure will have seven floors distributed between three basement floors, two commercial floors, and two floors of offices that will be located on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The new shopping center will feature approximately 200 businesses and 7,000 m2 of offices. In addition there will be 1,500 parking spaces.

Megamaxi, MegaKywi, De Praty, TGI Fridays, Cinemark, Mc Donalds, MyFlower, RadioShack, TodoHogar, Tommy, Zara, Cajun & TacoBell, Play Zone, Playful, ETA fashion.
The main store in the mall will be Megamaxi.
In the food court of the Mall a giant screen was installed so that the attendants observe schedules like a game of soccer.
The place has capacity for 1,500 people, and will attend about 30 fast food places.
The will have six cinemas but will not be operational on April 20, but days later.
The cinemas will have six rooms with a capacity for 1,200 people. In the smallest room will enter 180 users, and 300 in the largest.
In the underground parking lot there is room for 1,500 vehicles. The access and exit will be by the avenue Malecón.
In the front of the shopping center will be the Tohallí Plaza, a public space for people to sit.
On the right side, diagonal to KFC, is a block of 1,800 square meters where several medical offices will operate. According to the administration, they will be in charge of the San Francisco University of Quito, which will hire doctors from Manabitas.
In addition, a seven-story hotel will have 126 rooms and a front pool overlooking Malecón Avenue and El Murciélago beach.
At a press conference last Wednesday, it was reported that the hotel will not open on April 20, as the work is still in columns. This process is expected to be completed by the end of May, so that the hotel is ready in December.

For some entrepreneurs, the Mall represents one of the most important private investments in the history of Manabí.
In fact, it is the largest shopping center in the province.
According to the calculations of DK Management, since its construction it has employed to more than 2 thousand people.

The mall will operate 365 days a year. A day before, on the night of April 19, there will be an official ceremony to inaugurate it with the presence of local, provincial and possibly national authorities. The morning of the 20th the public can attend.
In order to avoid vehicular congestion, in the Mall was conditioned a way for the vehicles that will enter and leave the parking lot. And from the back was rebuilt a four-lane street to speed the circulation.

Manta Super Kywi Store
Kywi will occupy all the space left by Supermaxi, TODO Hogar & Juguetón in Manicentro Shopping Center, Flavio Reyes & Avenida 24.
Supermaxi, TODO Hogar & Juguetón have/will relocate to the Mall of the Pacífico. Mall of the Pacífico opens April 20th @ 10:00am
Kywi is already in Portoviejo. It will now be in Manta as Super Kywi, because it will be twice as big as the one in the capital.
Super Kywi is scheduled to open in about 2 months.

December 22, 2016: January 11,2017
Well, I have not updated lately, mainly due to my wife and I left Manta for a slightly longer extended stay (3 ½ months, August - November) visiting family and friends in North Carolina. We usually visit NC every year in August and return after Labor Day. We buy all the good sales on clothes around Labor Day like shorts, tee shirts, golf shirt, flip flops, etc. prior to returning to Manta. Daily clothes for here. This year, with the continued shaking of earthquakes from April – August, damage to our apartment and the rebuilding of Manta we decided to get away for a while. Unfortunately, while in NC we experienced Hurricane Matthews which flooded at least 33 counties. NC was still dealing with the effects of the flooding when we left condemning numerous towns (businesses and homes) because of the length of time the towns spent under water.  My wife & I were staying with family in the Wake county area which did not have to much problem, especially with flooding.
November 29th, we returned to Manta to find the city still rebuilding. For the first time in 6 years we were unable to return to our apartment because of the construction company/HOA Association requiring everyone out of the condominium building to include furniture for reconstruction; which is projected for the next 8 months. My wife and I have recently relocated from the ocean front to the intercity living. So far, in the past few weeks other than some traffic noise during the day (commercial area) city living is OK. We are only a 15-20 minute walk or a $1.25 taxi to the main beach in Manta. We are right in the middle of the commercial district where every item you might need is right here. Food, furniture, household items, market vendors (fruit, veggies, meat, etc.) and 2 bakeries that we smell first thing in the mornings just around the corner. Across the street is a spice store where numerous expats visit for specific spices.
So, Manta is still rebuilding. Most condominium buildings are still under reconstruction or closed for reconstruction and a few nearing completion. Most have allowed owners/renters to occupy the building during construction, but with occasional interruption of utilities. The new mall is still coming along with projected completion in April 2017. Actually, they want to schedule the opening April 16th, 1 year from the 7.8 earthquake?????? Not sure the best reason!! There is repaving of numerous streets in the business district and the road in front of all the restaurants (restaurant row) is undergoing a major face lift for the next several months.  New projects planned such as a private hospital in the Barbasquillo area of Manta a new government hospital (IESS) just outside of Manta and several city projects for revitalizing the Manta area.
Tarqui which was the hardest hit areas from the April earthquake is still being torn down with local Ecuadorians being displaced in living areas and the hundreds of market vendors being relocated are now setting up business in refurbished shipping containers and newly built aluminum buildings.   Looks good.
All in all Manta is back in business. Still plenty of reconstruction going on but each day seems to be better for local businesses, Ecuadorians and expats living here. Utilities and internet service up and running with an occasional interruption for repairs & upgrading.
However, I must say unfortunately, there is still earthquakes occurring in the northern coastal area (Esmeraldas) where the 7.8 earthquake occurred in April. Earthquakes from 3.9’s to 5.8’s. We haven’t really felt them here in Manta but for whatever reason they have increased in the past few weeks. We experienced a few closeby but nothing to be alarmed about. Mother Nature is still a little unsettled here, I guess. All is good.
The weather is warm & sunny. The beaches and beach restaurants are in full swing.

July 18, 2016
Manta is still recovering from the April 16th earthquake. Many buildings are under reconstruction including all condominium buildings. Most stores are open to include the main grocery stores. Manta is a little more congested with traffic and people due to the devastation in the outside city of Tarqui and surrounding areas. Most people are coming to Manta for shopping, businesses etc. Getting around is a little more challenging. More traffic and a lot of people. The beaches are in full swing as all of the restaurants. Manta has the Ironman completion July 31st, which will bring in about 10,000 more people to see the event. Not sure where everyone will stay.
There are places to rent in hostels, hotels and a few condo buildings.  Be sure to check and see if all the utilities, amenities are working when checking with a place to stay. Naturally, there are a few good prices on property for sale in some buildings.
The intercity is undergoing the demolition of buildings but also rebuilding. The main mall is undergoing rebuilding with most of the stores closed due to damage or rebuilding.
There are still many Ecuadorian families without homes living in tent city.  It appears supplies have been getting to these locations.
Expats continue to collect money and/or purchase groceries and supplies to drop off at different locations.
So far, we are recovering but still taking it week to week.  We continue to have earthquakes ranging from 3.5 to 6.4’s in and around the Manta area. So shakes can be a daily occurrence. No more damage other than the cracks in walls get a little bigger.
All is GOOD

June 20, 2016
7:00am, 4.5 Rocafuerte
6:24pm, 4.4 Jaramijó

Just outside of Manta.

June 6th, 2016
Earthquakes/Terremotos (57) Manabí Province, Ecuador
The April 16th earthquake is reported to have moved Manta about 1 meter to the west.
Since April 16th earthquake there has been 1,610 reported aftershock/tremors.
Since April 16th, 2016 (7.8 Earthquake; Muisne), 56 Earthquakes
Since May 18th, 2016 (6.7 & 6.8 Earthquakes both Rosa Zarate), 5 Earthquakes (4.3 – 4.7)
Since June 1st, 2016 (last Earthquake); 5:05am; 4.8 Earthquake; 26 km depth & 10:00am; 4.7 Earthquake; 10 km depth, both Pedernales
Manabí Earthquakes
Muisne, Bahía, Pedernales, Manta, Rosa Zarate & Jipijapa
1 ~ 7.8 magnitudes; 19 km depth; 6:58pm; April 16th, 2016
1 ~ 6.2 magnitude; 26 km depth; 3:33am; April 20th, 2016
1 ~ 6.0 magnitude; 10 km depth; 3:35am; April 20th, 2016
1 ~ 6.0 magnitudes; 32 km depth; 10:03pm; April 21, 2016
1 ~ 6.8 magnitudes 31 km depth; 11:46pm; May 18th, 2016
1 ~ 6.7 magnitudes 32 km depth; 2:57am; May 18th, 2016
10 ~ 5.2 – 5.8 magnitudes
38 ~ 4.2 – 4.9 magnitudes
3 ~ 3.2 – 3.9 magnitudes

May 31, 2016
Manta is coming together. Most businesses and restaurants are open to include the main grocery stores. Taxi and bus service is up and running. Rebuilding in Manta’s intercity is moving along. Many buildings still have to come down because of damage. Tarqui area is still a disaster area knocking down buildings, removing debris and locals living in make shift houses and/or under tents. In Manta several of the coastal condominium buildings have started reconstruction with a few still working out the details with insurance companies. Sounds like most buildings will take at least 6 months for complete rebuilding. Depending on the building’s damage, HOA Association Board and contractor rebuilding will determine if anyone can living in the building during reconstruction. Most can, but owners/renters need to decide if staying there through reconstruction will be worth it. It may take a few years before Manta gets to a “post” earthquake normal living.
The beaches are all open but locals and visitors are slow to return. We still have our warm sunny days and Blue Ocean to sit and enjoy every day.

Wednesday afternoon several expats were asked to meet with Jorge Zambrano, Mayor of Manta, Ecuador (left); Michele Thoren Bond, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs at the U.S. Department of State & Todd C. Chapman, US Ambassador, Ecuador. The purpose for this meeting was to inform the local and state officials about the expat volunteers working with local orphanages, missionary groups, churches, foundations and expat individuals continuing to help and support our community with money, food, water, medical supplies, clothing and shelter. Many expats throughout Manabí Province continue to help their local communities.
Ambassador Chapman & Secretary Bond let us know supplies and aid from the US was still coming into the Manabí area to include funding from the US government and various US corporations.  Mayor Zambrano let us know although supplies were reaching most areas in need the main issue now in the Manta/Tarqui area is housing for so many who have lost their homes. Manta is receiving government funds to build temporary housing as quickly as they can. Finding the property near the city to build is an issue.
So, we will continue to move forward with volunteering, receiving funds & distributing supplies. Hopefully, government efforts will continue.
A big thanks to Scott & Jane Layman for their help in coordinating this meeting and the use of their business once receiving word from local & state officials.

Manta and surrounding areas are working hard getting the utilities back on.  Several areas have power, but water and internet are still issues.  The intercity is still digging out the debris from falling buildings. In parts of Manta and Tarqui there are tent cities for Ecuadorians to live because of the loss of their homes. The military is still here controlling the camp areas and delivering supplies. All the condominium buildings were damaged some more than others.  Rebuilding could take a few months or a year.  A few of our expats headed back to the states and Canada, but not sure if they will be back.  Most of us here are going day by day to see whats ahead.  Our main grocery store is open and in full swing.  Riding through the hardest hit area Tarqui where all buildings are damaged or down workers are out in force knocking down buildings and removing debris and power poles from the streets and neighborhoods. A major rebuilding will have to occur there.  Several condominium building HOA's have met and are in the process of bringing in engineers, inspectors and contractors to review and discuss the rebuilding process. Good news, most building have earthquake insurance.
Most expats are doing good. It's our Ecuadorian community that is in need of help. Another day without earthquakes, aftershocks and tremors. That's a good day. Manta is our Home and we will do what is necessary to help in returning our city to a better place to live.
We have several donation sites set up. If you want to sent money please check theses web sites (below). Your money WILL go where it is needed.

From our family expats in Canoa

As most of you know, I am currently living in a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador called Canoa, with a population of about 4,000 people. You have probably heard that we suffered a 7.8 magnitude earthquake with over 740 aftershocks. Canoa is located about 2 hour drive south of the epicenter. The town suffered total destruction. So far there have been 76 lives lost and hundreds injured just in this small fishing town. Recovery efforts are ongoing, so I'm sure that number will rise.  It’s a very poor community and will need help with rebuilding homes, a school and businesses. The good news is that we are starting to receive food and water, but we’re not sure when running water and electricity will be operating. Once the recovery and cleanup efforts are completed these folks will be on their own.  Here’s a Fox News video of the destruction:

My goal is to raise as much money as I can to help rebuild homes. The money would be spent on building supplies. Without our help, they will be living in makeshift shanties. I want to help (with your help) to get as many families as I can in homes again. I will post picture of my progress so you can see how your investment in Canoa is spent. Please donate whatever you can so I can help get Canoa families back in homes.

Here is a link to my gofundme listing:

Thanks, and anything you can give helps!

Kelly Wilson
Wednesday, another day. Seems we had a somewhat good weekend with no shakes or tremors.  Most was hoping they would finely stop but Monday through yesterday we had several each day ranging from 3.5 – 6.2 earthquakes in the surrounding area. So the shakes continue.  Numerous high raises have been closed along the beaches here in Manta. Inspectors have been inspecting buildings and tagging them RED, YELLOW or GREEN. Naturally, Red indicates no one can stay in the building the building is closed. Yellow indicates the structure is sound but concerns about interior damage and Green indicates no structure damage the building is sound with limited damaged and OK.  And, a few have been tagged Condemned.
So my wife and I are in Edificio Santorini with a rating of Yellow. Our apartment on the 3rd floor received damage as most 1-3 floors in all buildings because of the upper floors swaying and the lower floors holding the main structure to include the 2 basement floors (garage levels).  Santorini has always had a very good reputation for being well built and I believe it has stood up to that reputation. Even the night of the earthquake my wife and I along with a few other expat families returned to our apartments in Santorini are still here. We were without power and water for a few days but reverted to using buckets of pool water for the bathrooms and started eating food in the refrigerator before going bad. Now, we have power, water (although cold no hot water) and occasional internet. No gas for our hot water tank or cooking unless you have an electric stove/oven. Eventually, we will have to relocate once reconstruction starts. Rebuilding could 3-6 months depending on the damage to the building. Getting to that point could take the next few weeks or months before construction starts.

As of today it seems all the expats in the Manta/Manabí area have survived without serious injury. All expats in condominium buildings received damage to their apartments some more than others and several in buildings with a Red tag. Several expats living in 1 and 2 story buildings and/or houses experienced little to no damage other than maybe loss of power, water and internet.  Several beach areas south of Manta felt the earthquake but came out without any damage to their property.
The city of Manta is continuing to work forwards recovering getting assistance to people in need. We have the Ecuador government in a staging area here in the Hotel Oro Verde.  National and local government, military, engineers and aid relief meet every morning and the set out to areas in the city.  There are several areas now called tent city where Ecuadorians are living.  Supplies are being sent to these locations to include donations of clothes and essentials for day to day needs.
Manta is still working to restore power and water to many parts of the city. We are pleasantly surprised as to the local government getting utilities back up and running in most of the area.  Internet providers are out restore internet which still comes and goes. Supermaxi grocery stores has done a fantastic job fixing their building, opening and getting supplies in the store. One morning I counted 5 tractor trailer trucks sitting waiting to unload at Supermaxi.  Several local businesses have cleanup and are opening for business.  Several still remain closed due to the extensive damage to their building and/or products.

Today is another day seeing where volunteers are needed.  We have a few web sites for donations that will be used for our local Ecuadorian and We have numerous Manta/Manabí expats in the US and Canada who are not here sending money to help our Ecuadorian families.
So, we will be out in our communities helping where we can and hoping for a day without shakes.


Earthquake: Saturday one week later Manta
No restaurants have opened, many roads still have debris in the streets, and power lines are laying in roads, still many families living and sleeping on the sidewalks, tanker water trucks driving through neighborhoods stopping so families can put water in any kind of container they can carry, men knocking down broken walls in their homes that are ready to fall, businesses closed cleaning up debris both inside and out so once power is restored they can open and moms and dads carrying the blue water containers away from the local distributor.
And then we see many Ecuadorian families gathered in front of their homes sitting on plastic chairs enjoying some homemade food smiling and waving at us as we slowly drive by looking at the damage to their homes and neighborhood.
Many expats throughout the Manta/Manabí area have been helping expats and Ecuadorians. Several are going into areas hardest hit and volunteering to help prepare food to send out to Ecuadorians in need and to the rescuer workers. Many have purchased food and water to carry to local neighborhoods in Manta. Expats are donating money to specific groups to ensure essentials are purchased and handed out. Several are offering rooms in their homes for those in need. We are making it through this crisis day by day. Ecuadorians are very resourceful but it has been an amazing positive seeing the area spring back so quickly because of the efforts of those responsible for providing utilities, food, water and safety for our community. Local police were out in force on a few main streets stopping pickup trucks hauling household items checking to ensure they are not looters stealing from buildings and homes. Young Ecuadorian guys stopping to help carry furniture down 9 story buildings for little pay but earning money and helping. All in all if the aftershocks and tremors would stop our stress levels would ease and each day would be a little better. Many areas of Manta are still without power and water. But A BIG THANKS to all the EXPATS & ECUADORIANS who have stepped up helping each other since the Saturday earthquake. Tonight at 6:58pm it will be one week..

US Ambassador Todd Chapman arrived in Manta today to meet and speak with the expats community. Ambassador Chapman wanted a personal view of the experience that has occurred here in Manta with the US citizens. We met for about 2 hours giving our experience and concerns. Ambassador Chapman arrived with his staff to include a member from the US AID. He assured us help is he to include aid from the US that has already started coming directly into Manta via the airport. US representatives are traveling the coast assessing the situation with US citizens.  So progress has started.  Here in Manta the expat community has come together supporting one another and our Ecuadorian friends..  We are all OK just taking it day by day. Our buildings/apartments have been heavy damaged and a few condemned but we are doing what we can to help relocated those in need each day..  We appreciate all your thoughts and prays and even the offers to send whatever we need. It is great appreciated. 

Ecuador earthquake: Death toll jumps to 272; more than 2,500 injured
The hardest-hit area was the coastal Manabi Province, where about 200 people died, said Ricardo Peñaherrera of Ecuador's national emergency management office. The cities of Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales, a tourist destination, saw the most devastation but damage was widespread throughout the country.
"The first hours are crucial," Correa said. "We're finding signs of life in the rubble. We're giving this priority. After, we'll work to find and recover bodies."
Read More
People looking for family and friends frantically dug with their hands and tools until excavation equipment arrived.

Armed forces, police deployed
In a race to help residents, Ecuador deployed 10,000 soldiers and 4,600 police officers to the affected areas. The armed forces built mobile hospitals in Pedernales and Portoviejo and set up temporary shelters.

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