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Professionals in shipping to and from Ecuador

As international shipping professionals, Manabí Marine logistics is committed to ensuring your personal belongings arrive safely in Ecuador.

Many people experience frustrations when importing goods into Ecuador due to language differences and lack of clear information, and one of our strength is having bilingual staff, native from both USA and Ecuador. Our goal is to keep you informed and comfortable during the whole process.

Why choose Manabí Marine Logistics for your shipping needs?

·    Clear and honest communication
·    No hidden fees or charges
·    No surprises
·    No emergencies
·    Free consultation in advance
·    20+ years’ experience in international logistics

Clear information:

·    Explain what to expect and how to prepare
·    Meet with you and listen to your concerns – we want to understand your needs completely
·    Answer all your questions
·    Communicate regularly with you throughout the process
·    Instruct you about packing your items and making your list
·    Provide translation of your itemized list
·    Assist you in acquiring all documentation necessary for claiming your container at the port terminal

·    Give detailed information and advice to best prepare you for the entire process
·    Assist you in acquiring all documents required by Ecuadorean Customs
·    Communicate with Ecuadorian Customs and port terminals in your behalf
·    Take care in your behalf of all the payments for the container guarantee and other fees during the process
·    Escort you in Guayaquil to assist you during the inspection process
·    Provide all necessary equipment/uniforms to enter the inspection terminal and stay with you during the entire process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible
·    Arrange reliable ground transportation with insurance to your chosen destination
·    Arrange an unloading crew to carefully unload the container and place its contents into your chosen destination
Pet’s documentation needed from USA and from Ecuador

Manabí Marine Logistics is committed to ensuring your personal belongings arrive safely in Ecuador.

We provide insurance coverage to protect your belongings between the port and your destination.
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