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Want To Learn Spanish?

Posted 11-17-2011

So You Wish You Could Learn Spanish?

I learn best with variety – lots of it. I get bored easily, so it’s been fun for me to try ALL the results you get when you Google ‘learn Spanish free’. I’ve tried out the free part of each website, giving me a good handle on the basics, and because each site uses a different method, I never get bored.
Starting with letter pronunciation, and moving to greetings, numbers, food, and colors, I used the following sites: - this is the most pencil and paper like site, with verb conjugations/grammar etc if you like your medicine that way. They have tests and quizzes. Use the bar across the top of the page to try the various free offerings.

Or just Google different combinations of ‘learn Spanish/free/lessons’ etc. Add ‘for kids’ and you get games in Spanish. These sites use visuals, audios, flash cards, pictures, music, and color moving pictures, along with text in easy to follow bites. Don’t worry; it may seem like you have to sign up right away, but I haven’t given my name or email address to any of these sites, and I haven’t exhausted what they offer yet.
Since I’ve been studying, new sites have come online, like this one with great video:

I think there’s lots of competition to get you to each site, so they are changing, improving and adding all the time. Some have a ‘Word of the day’ or written quizzes and tests you can take as often as you like. Enjoy, and if you think one site is especially helpful, go ahead and sign up for the next level. You can always ask to be taken off the list.
They say the best method is to learn one new thing per day. ‘They’ also say to watch children’s TV in Spanish. Another great way to see how you’re doing is to jump into conversation with someone who doesn’t speak English, and see how long it takes for them to start talking back in rapid fire Spanish. That means you’re doing well enough!

Have any of you taken Spanish lessons in Manta? How about writing about your experiences.
As for me, I’m going to keep looking for more free stuff. I like free. Hasta la vista!

by S Statema
Manta, Ecuador

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