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Manta Area Rentals & Sales

MantaExpatsOnline was developed in July 2011 providing information and a list of calendar events in the Manta/Manabí area.
Over the past 2 years I have expanded my resources assisting expats to find rentals and/or purchase property by working with only licensed Real Estate Agents.
My role in the real estate market has/is assisting expats by exposing them to real estate of their interest and to ensure they understand and know the PRO's & CON's of renting and/or purchasing real estate in Manta/Manabí coastal areas.
MantaExpatsOnline Web Site Was Not Designed To Be A Real Estate Listing Web Site
If you would like help
MantaExpatsOnline ask that you due your "due diligence" in seeking specific information regarding any property that may be listed on this site.
The advertisement and products or service information does not constitute an endorsement by MantaExpatsOnline

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