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Retirement Benefits - Ecuador


Looking To Retire
Manabí Province

For the past several years Ecuador has been listed in the top three of countries to invest and/or retire.  Ecuador has emerged as a welcoming haven for those wanting to retire or invest. The property market offers significant bargains and a comfortable lifestyle on just a fraction of what you’d spend in many parts of the world.
Ecuador is one place right where the U.S. dollar is not losing value, which makes an Ecuadorian retirement especially appealing.
It’s not just properties that are affordable in Ecuador–nearly everything is from the cost to hire a full-time maid to the price of produce, dinner in a fine restaurant and the low cost of living.
Manta is presently growing because of the continued interest in foreigners looking for a country/city to purchase property for investment and/or to plan for the near future when they can retire in a country that is less expensive than the US, Canada and most other country.

Here in Manta there are many projects in the works and/or under construction:
* New bus terminal with 54 loading/unloading ramps
* Renovation of Manta airport
* Increasing the existing seaport to allow for larger container ships and cruise ships
* Building of a new oil refinery south of Manta
* Renovation of the Malecón and other major roadways along the ocean
* New 210 store mall in the main area of Manta
* Building of new condominium
* Building of new gated residential communities
* Recent completion of a new sports coliseum

A Retiree in Ecuador

For Retiree’s over 65 Years of Age, With a Residency Card (Cédula- Ecuadorian ID)

A Few Benefits
·    Discounts on all airfare when purchased with flights initiated from Ecuador to anywhere in the world
·    Discounts at local businesses (household items, etc.) throughout Ecuador to include movie theaters and transportation (buses)

To get the discounts you have to show your Cédula which will reflect your age.
When property is in your name:
·    Discount with all the municipal taxes
·    Discount with utilities
·    Special discounts regarding telecommunications
·    In the banks & public businesses, no standing in general lines
·    Reimbursed on your IVA tax (12%) charged when purchasing items to include appliances, household furniture and meals in a restaurant

To get the discounts (taxes, utilities) you must show a notarized copy (setting up your account) of your property Deed with your name to include a copy of your Cédula.
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