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Posted 11-16-2011

For me, Pelicans perfectly portray humor. Watching them crash dive for fish with the worst belly flop ever performed, then shaking their heads trying to swallow with their floppy neck pouch, and even their flying takeoff just makes me chuckle. Their ungainly shape and size proportions don’t match the Greek ideal. Have you ever thought what it would feel like to exist with your head crooked back that way?   The best pelican funnies I’ve seen was the roadside warning light and sign on the bridge to South Padre Island (TX) with the drawing of a pelican in a trench coat pulled wide open captioned, “Watch out for Pelicans when flashing”.   On the other hand, their flight along the waves with one wing nearly touching the water should have its own musical score. Their buddy flying patterns remind me of Escher zigzags. God must have a sense of humor – just look at the pelican!
by S Statema Manta, Ecuador
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