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Information for the Manta/Manabí Area - Shops, Markets, Stores
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Manta Local Area Shopping ~ Manicentro

Located on Flavio Reyes s/n Circunvalación
There are numerous shops in this shopping area. A few specific ones are:

- MEGA KYWI (Hardware store)
- FYBECA (Farmacia)                                 - BANCO DEL PACIFICO (Bank/ATM)
- COMPUTER SHOPS (Sales/Service)           - MARTINIZING (Dry cleaners)
- KAO SPORT (Gear/Clothes)                      - TODO EN PAPETERIA (Office supplies)
- LAS FRAGANCIAS (Fragrances/Cologne)    - BANCO DEL PACIFICO (Bank & ATM)
- AVIANCA (Air Lines)

With a total construction area of 120 thousand square meters (m2), Mall Del Pacifico will be one of Ecuador's five largest malls.
It will even be larger than the San Marino Shopping in Quito, which has an area of 90,000 square meters, and the Quicentros Mall, which has an area of 93 thousand m2.
The infrastructure will have seven floors distributed between three basement floors, two commercial floors, and two floors of offices that will be located on the 3rd and 4th floors.
The new shopping center will feature approximately 200 businesses and 7,000 m2 of offices. In addition there will be 1,500 parking spaces.
Megamaxi, De Praty, TGI Fridays, Cinemark, McDonalds, MyFlower, RadioShack, TodoHogar, Tommy, Zara, Cajun & TacoBell, Play Zone, Playful, ETA fashion.

The main store in the mall will be Megamaxi.
In the food court of the Mall a giant screen was installed so that the attendants observe schedules like a game of soccer.
The place has capacity for 1,500 people, and will attend about 30 fast food places & six cinemas.
The cinemas will have six rooms with a capacity for 1,200 people. In the smallest room will enter 180 users, and 300 in the largest.

In the underground parking lot there is room for 1,500 vehicles. The access and exit will be by the avenue Malecón.
In the front of the shopping center will be the Tohallí Plaza, a public space for people to sit.
On the right side, diagonal to KFC, is a block of 1,800 square meters where several medical offices will operate. According to the administration, they will be in charge of the San Francisco University of Quito, which will hire doctors from Manabitas.
In addition, a seven-story hotel will have 126 rooms and a front pool overlooking Malecón and El Murciélago beach scheduled to open later 2018.

Other shops and businesses in the Manta area

KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (KFC) Malecón & Circunvalación adjacent to the Hotel ORO VERDE (The only American fast food restaurant in Manta)

MI COMISARIATO JR (Groceries) Flavio Reyes (adjacent Manta Shopping Ctr. Flavio Reyes/Avenida 23)

PLAYA “EL MURCIÉLAGO” (Numerous beach restaurants) Malecón & Calle 15

MALECÓN ESCENICO (Beach/Swimming) Malecón & Calle 15)

MUNICIPIO DE MANTA (Manta business district, utility departments, numerous shops with appliances, motorcycles, TVs, Stereos, handcrafts and banks.) Avenida 1 & 2

MERCADO CENTRAL MUNICIPAL (Ecuadorian street market, home grown vegetable/meat market) Calle 12 & Avenida 15

PLAZA DEL SOL (Numerous bars & restaurants with inside/outside seating) Flavio Reyes via Barbasquillo in front of entrance to Hotel MantaHost

SUPER PACO (All office supplies to include printers, laptops, etc.) Calle 13 y Avenida 18

PLASTILÓPEZ SA (Any plastic item you might need for your residence to include fans, bags, trash cans, animal food dishes, plates, utensils, etc.) Calle 12 & Avenida 15

EL PASEO SHOPPING (mall shopping stores, food court, hardware store, etc.) Avenida 4 de Noviembre (Just tell the Taxi driver "El Paseo Shopping/Mall")

LOS ESTEROS (Local fresh fish market & Restaurants) Vía Puerto-Aeropuerto, Targuí

LOS ESTEROS (hand built fishing trawlers, restaurants) Vía Puerto-Aeropuerto

AVIS CAR RENTAL (Car rentals) Manta's Airport

MUSO CENTRO CULTURAL MANTA (Museum) Malecón adjacent beach area


La Oficini de Correos, Avenida 4 s/n Calle 8 & Calle 6A
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