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Local Transportation

Taxi Service / Bus Service


Local Transportation/Transportación in and out Manta/Manabí & Manta Airport/Aeropuerto Eloy Alfaro (International Airport)Taxi Service

 - In Manta, Taxi service is very good and reasonably safe. Visiting and/or staying in the Manta area does not necessarily require a rental car. Traveling to different areas of Manabí may require a rental car; however, there are Taxi’s you can use for minimum fares.

- Yellow Taxi Cabs - Look for Yellow Taxi’s with "numbers on the roof and/or windshield" to use. AND, just as an extra precaution, remember and/or write down the Taxi numbers displayed, just in case. Basically, flag down a Yellow Taxi driving by in your area. Taxi fares for this service during the day should be about a $1.25 for 5 - 10 minute ride and $1.50 after 8pm.

- Radio Taxi Cabs – Look for "Radio Taxi" written on the cab. You may see one driving in your area. Taxi fares for this service during the day should be a $1.50 for a reasonable 5 – 10 minute ride.

- RapidCar/Ejecutivo Service – Very good service. Especially, for evening service. Some cars are unmarked cars (not yellow); however, they do have yellow cars displaying "Ejecutivo" on the side of the car. Their costs are normally $1.50 during day for 5-10 minute ride. The cars are clean with AC. And if using your cell phone once you call for service you will normally receive a cell phone text message from the service indicating the color of the car, license plate number and a thank you for using their service.
Beachcar is another Taxi service: Claro: 0997382030

Call for service using your cell phone: "Claro Cell -080808000 & Movistar Cell– 084000111. Operators speak Spanish; however, speaking English just say "Taxi, the place where you are at (hopefully with a little Spanish, example: Restaurante/Restaurant Ming Yuan or Edifico/Building Santorini or the name of your Hotel/Hostal, etc. & maybe Calle/Street or Avenida/Avenue & Por favor/Please!) For the most part they’ll understand. Or try asking someone where you are for help to call a Taxi, if they speak Spanish. Have them call and/or you dial the phone number and give them the phone and say Taxi Aquí/Here. Trust me it works. Ecuadorians are great people willing to help.

Taxi fares indicated are cost Expats have experienced.

Also, try to have the correct change for the Taxi. Don't pay with a $10 or $20 bills for a $1.50 Taxi ride or even occasionally, a $5 bill. You might find you paid more for the ride when you get your change back.

A good rule of thumb! If not speaking much Spanish, write or type the name of the place you are going in Spanish to include the Calle/Street or Avenida/Avenue. Print and hand the information to the Taxi driver. This works all the time.

Metered Taxi ~ 2016 & 2017
In 2016, the city has required all taxi's to install meters. This is to ensure the fare ride is a reasonable charge as set by the taxi companies. However, most taxi's do not use the meter. There have been issues about meters not properly calibrated, over charging, etc. So, even though they are required to use the meters and can be fined for not, most still are not using them.
NOTE: Limited taxi's are using the meters. You might let the driver know you want the meter running.

Taxi cost from Manta/Barbasquilo area to/from new bus terminal
- New bus station to old bus station $2.00
- Mall del Pacifico $2.50
- University area $3.00 - $3.50
- Plaza del Sol (Edificio Poseidon/Mykonos) $3.50 - $4.00
- Ciudad del Mar $5.00

Taxi Service Manta, EC "Uber"? March 15, 2017
March 15, 2017 citizens will be able to access the taxi service from a cellular phone application.

The application is free and is called Mantaxi. Users can download it from the Play Store, which comes with smartphones.
He added that the application, when selecting the taxi service, will immediately give you the real-time location of the transport unit. It will also show the photograph of the driver and taxi owner, as well as the names and numbers of banknotes. He indicated that, in addition to passenger safety, the response time of the service, which will be no more than five minutes, stands out. There is no additional charge.

BUS SERVICE (new Terminal Terrestre De Manta opened November 2017)

- There are numerous local buses traveling throughout the city of Manta. Cost run about $.35/ride. There are bus stops on all major streets; however, you might try asking a local where a particular bus is going. You may see several buses riding along similar routes. Occasionally, buses display their route(s) in the front right of the windshield. However, you might still ask unless you have an idea where it is you want to go and the bus seems to be going in that direction. If going for a short distance, try it. If not, ask.

- Buses run to and from Manta, Tarqui, and the Barbasquillo area. There are bus services to many different cities along the Manta/Manabí coastal area. Cost is very inexpensive.

- Bus service also runs throughout the Manabí Province and to numerous villages and cities in Ecuador to include Quito and Guayaquil. The bus terminals/Terminal de Omnibus in Manta are located outside of Manta, VÍA Puerto-Aeropuerto/Targuí.
(new terminal)

*Bus service from Manta to Guayaquil (REINA) is a 4 hour ride and cost $6.50 each (inexpensive service to get to the Guayaquil Airport). Guayaquil Bus Terminal Terrestre is adjacent to the airport).
*Bus service from Guayaquil to Salinas (Liberdad) is a 2 hour ride and cost $each. Not a bad ride.
*Bus service from Manta to Libertad (Manglaralta Bus) is a 4 1/2 hour ride and cost $6 each. It does stop at numerous small town/villages but is still a good trip.

The Reina del Camino bus runs to & from Manta/Guayaquil daily (see complete detailed info in the left column under "Reina Bus Transportation"  .  The Guayaquil bus terminal is next to the airport (Avenida de Las Americas/Avenida Pedro Mendez Gilbert). If flying into the Guayaquil airport you can Taxi (about 10 minutes & about $5) to the bus terminal. Once at the bus terminal and entering into the terminal it will look like a shopping mall (very nice).  Walk 2/3's the way through the shopping area and then go to the left and the next corridor over. You will notice numerous ticket booths for obtaining bus tickets to many different cities in Ecuador. Look for the ticket booth "REINA DEL CAMINO". There you can get your bus ticket to Manta ($6.50 each). The schedule is on the wall and buses run daily to Manta. NOTE: Ecuador routinely uses the 24 hour time, so 3:00pm is 15:00; 4:30pm is 16:30, 8:00pm is 20:00, etc. Once you have purchased your ticket(s) you will need to go to the 3rd floor to board the bus; however, if you have time before leaving you might want to shop around. Once you go to the boarding area you are stuck until you get on the bus. About 15 minutes before your departure time go to the bus boarding area. Again, 3rd floor on the left side of the terminal.  You will see poles with numbered signs on the top.  REINA del Camino buses normal board in area number "111". It should say Reina del Camino... AND, on your ticket it will indicate the Bus #. Check to ensure you are boarding the correct bus. Your bus ticket will be white/original and yellow/copy to include a short white ticket stub.
The bus ticket will have: the date, time in 24hrs 3pm=15:00, destination Manta, bus number, and seat number on the bus. Check this information while at the Reina ticket booth to make sure you have the correct ticket for where you are going.
The short white ticket stub is to get you into the bus boarding area.  The other ticket is shown when boarding the bus. If you have luggage/suitcases they will be placed under the bus. The attendant will give you a ticket with a number on it for each piece of luggage. NOTE: For carry on items (pocketbook, backpack, etc. you will be ask to open your carry-on so they can see inside (no weapons).  Once on the road to Manta one of the Reina attendants will walk through and ask for the "white/original" copy of your bus ticket.  The bus comes straight to Manta about 3 hours & 30 minutes.  At the bus station in Manta there will be numerous Taxis available. If you do not speak Spanish have the place and address of where you are staying on a piece of paper for the Taxis driver.  That will work.

Van Transportation In Manta - Manta Express

There is a van service that runs between Manta & Guayaquil several times a day.  The cost is $10 a person. The van holds 10 people to include luggage on the van roof (tarp covered). Travel time is about 3 hours.  Not a bad ride, if the van is not full.  So if you need transportation to Guayaquil and/or the airport check out Manta Express.  The van leaves from Manta: Malecón and Calle 19 just pass the museum down on the right.  Manta Express stops at their office in Guayaquil located at Blvd 9 De Octubre and Del Ejercito (Avenida 4), just around the corner from the Guayaquil Hotel Oro Verde.  From there you could taxi to the Guayaquil airport which should be about 10 minutes depending on traffic and/or to other parts of the city.  This stop is also just around the corner from the US Embassy. Very nice if you are having to visit the Embassy.  You do need to make reservation at the Manta Express office prior to your travels.  No English, so try to google translate what you need example, how many people, month, date, time leaving Manta to go to Guayaquil.  Or write in English the information previously mentioned and do your best.  Should work, they are pretty understanding. Or bring a Spanish translator.  Need help, email this web site.  Manta Express does offer transportation to other cities in Ecuador.


VÍA Puerto-Aeropuerto/Targuí.

Manta’s airport is listed as an International Airport; however, "for cargo" only. Presently, there are NO civilian international flights into or out of Manta. Flights in and out of Manta are from Quito only. Flying to different regions of Ecuador you have to fly back to Quito. The airlines to and from Quito are ÍCARO, AEROGAL and TAME.

Rumors are Manta is working towards an actual "civilian" international airport with flights to and from the US. We’ll see. Other options are you can fly into Guayaquil then to Quito then Manta. Or fly into Guayaquil and bus to Manta ($5.00/person) or Manta Express (van) to Manta ($10.00/person).


Joaquin de Olmedo is an airport serving Guayaquil, Province of Guayas in Ecuador. The airport was named after Jose Joaquin de Olmedo in 2006, an Ecuadorian poet, first mayor of the city of Guayaquil and former president of Ecuador. The airport is approximately 5 km north of the Guayaquil Centre, on Avenida de Las Americas. Numerous civilian international flight connections come and go from this airport. Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport services include customs and migration.

Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport was named "Best Airport in Latin America 2008" by Business Week Magazine. Airlines flying in and out of Guayaquil are: Aerogal, American, Avianca, Conviasa, Copa, Copa Columbia, Delta Airlines, Iberia, KLM, LAN, LAN Ecuador, SAEREO, SBA,TACA, TACA Peru, Lacas and TAMES Airlines.

As of November 22, 2013
TAME Ecuador to Start Guayaquil -- New York JFK Service from late-November 2013

TAME Ecuador from 22NOV13 is resuming service to the United States, with 6 weekly Guayaquil -- New York JFK operation on board Airbus A330 aircraft, in all-Economy Class configuration. From 13DEC13, the airline will add 7th weekly service on this route.
EQ550 GYE1415 -- 2035JFK 330 x2
EQ551 JFK2255 -- 0525+1GYE 330 x2


CLOSED 2-20-2013

Aeropuerto International Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre De Quito, Tabebela Valley
The New Mariscal Sucre International Airport of Quito is located approximately 23km(14 miles) (direct distance) to the east of Quito in the Tababela district. The new airport will became operational on Wednesday the 20th of February 2013.
The new terminal has 60 check-in counters and a designated area for the Galapagos check-in process. There are ample restrooms, comfortable gate lounges and waiting areas. There are duty free shopping and more than 20 commercial stores including restaurants and souvenir shops. There is also a business lounge which will be accessible for a fee of US$20.
Airport Tax Increase
An airport tax increase has been implemented for use of the new International Airport of Quito. For national flights, the tax increase will be: US $8.17 and for international flights, the tax increase will be: US $15.86.

A shopping center is being built, which will be connected to the terminal building.

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