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Transit of Venus
Manta, Ecuador South America

Venus & the Moon 3-6-2012 @ 6:58pm

Transit of Venus 6-5-2012 @ 6:25pm
Posted 6-6-2012

The first picture is Venus tracking to the west towards Jupiter. The two brightest planets in the sky, Venus & Jupiter tracking pass the Moon. This occurred during the month of March 2012.
This picture was taken while standing on the terrace at my condominium located on the Pacific Ocean in Manta, Ecuador.

The second picture is the "Transit of Venus".

* What is a Transit Of Venus? A rare alignment of a planet.
* When was the previous transit of Venus? 2004.
* This event, June 5, 2012 around 6:04pm EDT until sunset (the last one in your lifetime).
* The next one? December 2117.
* That's right December 2217... So, if you did not personally witness this one, well you missed it. However, I have captured this “Transit of Venus” for you while standing on the terrace at my condominium located on the Pacific Ocean in Manta, Ecuador South America.
What is the “Transit of Venus” you ask?
When Venus passes directly between earth and the sun, you will see a small “DOT” gliding slowly across the face of the sun. 
If Venus and the earth orbited the sun in the same plane as the sun, transits would happen frequently.  However, the orbit of Venus is inclined to the orbit of earth, so when Venus passes between the sun and the earth every 1.6 years, Venus usually is a little bit above or a little bit below the sun, invisible in the sun’s glare.
The "Transit of Venus" is essentially an annular eclipse of the sun by Venus.

Transits of Venus has a strange pattern of frequency.  Prior to the 2004 transit, the last one happened about 121 ½ years ago in 1882.  The scheduling for the "Transit of Venus" will be a span of about 105 ½ years before the next pair of transits occur, again separated by eight years.  Then the pattern repeats (105 ½, 8, 121 ½, 8, 105 ½, 8).

Transit of Venus pairs since the invention of the telescope:
·    1631 (not witnessed) & 1639
·    1761 & 1769
·    1874 & 1882
·    2004 & 2012
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