Information & Guidance for Coastal Living At It's Finest

Understanding Manta
Visiting Manta/Manabí Province and want to understand the area?

Want to know where to buy groceries, household items, pharmacies, restaurants, expat gatherings, hospitals/clinics, Centro Mercado, business district, fresh fish market, Manta’s shipyard, Play Murciélago, Malecón and Manta’s residential areas/coastal living?

Do you want to?
*know about living in Manta?
*where ALL the condominium buildings both old/new are?
*where the sales and rentals throughout Manta are?
*know what to ask when looking for property (rental/purchase)?
*hear about Need to Know Stuff?
*learn where to shop; the local markets; Manta's ship building?
*We Can Do lunch*

Email: AL

I work with License Ecuadorian Realtor's

* Straight forward information
* Experience with doctors
* Manta bilingual taxi drivers
* Bilingual driver to/from Guayaquil airport, Salinas or Bahia
* Ecuadorian bilingual translators male/female for doctors, banks, visas, etc.

I have helped 1000's of expat visiting and/or living in Manta

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