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Posted 6-26-2012
For all the country "Ecuador" specific information
A Service of the Bureau of consular Affairs
US Department of state
Posted 1-27-2012
General Direction Of Immigration And foreign Services; Visa 12-IX Commercial Activities
This web site is for information regarding requirements for T-1 and the 12-IX Visas. This will explain the: Subjects for admission; Requirements,Visa validity; Fees

Another web site with lots of information regarding the area of Manta/Manabi to include Ecuador itself.  Some say this web site does contain "The Best" of Ecuador/Manta. So visit this site and get a little more insight on the coastal city of Manta and it's offerings to Expats interested in visiting and/or living in paradise. Enjoy, we hope you have gotten just a little more for your decision.

If you are looking for information regarding Manta & Manabi, here is an EXCELLENT website.  Once on the website you have the option to “click” translate to English. Then surf through all the selections of icons for the many different sites to look at.  A few sites such as; Manta Information, Sun & Beaches, Program & Projects, Laws, News, Photo Gallery and Tourism News to name a few. Great local information.

Thanks, Roy for passing on this information.

For Manta & Manabi News check out this website for news in Manta & throughout Manabi Province. Eldiaro is one of the local newspapers you can buy on the street corner. It will be in spanish so when you get the website up, right click for your "Translate Live". Your translate options may say "Ingles". Click on to translate to english and your ready to read news in the area. 

Manta, Ecuador - Map
"Click on Manta, Ecuador - Map for web site"
Get lost walking or riding around Manta? Want to make sure your Taxi is going in the right direction? Or just want to know where a few places are? Need a map of Manta? Check this website.  If you know "Calle is Street & Avenida is Avenue just find a few points of interest and you are good to navigate around. Easy stuff. You can also go to the Tourism Office above the KFC at the end of the Malecon across from Hotel Oro Verde. Walk upstairs and on the right just before walking into the American Sports Deli.  They have Manta Maps (same as on website).   
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