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December 2011, several Expats living in Manta got together to discuss helping out the community we live in over the holiday season.  One of many ideas was to help children in an orphanage here in Manta. So, a decision was made to check the Manta area for an orphanage where the help of Expats and our Ecuadorian friends could make a difference.

Volunteers for the Holiday Project continue their support of the orphanages in the area throughout the year, collecting gifts, clothes, money and additional volunteers to further their efforts of being a part of making a better life for the needy children of Manta.

In December 2012, to continue efforts to support needy children, the Manta Expat community formed the “Manta Children’s Fund”.  Raising awareness and providing support to develop projects, hold fundraisers to raise money, and collect food, clothes and/or other items that would help support the children ongoing is the goal of the fund.

If you would like to be a part of this group of volunteers and/or send a donation
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