Equator line through Ecuador / Quito


The Equator is an imaginary line on the globe that is equidistant from the North and South Poles, dividing the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 



At latitude 0° of course! But where does this occur in the real, physical world? The exact specification of the equator is, in fact, somewhat variable and dependent on the chosen mathematical datum. With today’s modern technology, which includes GPS (Global Positioning System) the answer to this question appears below. There have been a number of ‘Equator line’ monuments built in the past.

In 1936, with the support of the French American Committee, Ecuadorian geographer Dr. Luis Tufiño built a 10-meter monument in San Antonio de Pichincha to commemorate the first Geodesic Mission.  


The new and much larger (30 meter tall) monument, Museo Etnografico Mitad del Mundo, was constructed between 1979 and 1982 to mark the point where the equator passes through the country in the geodetic datum in use in Ecuador at that time. According to recent calculations, this monument is 240.3 meters south of the true Equator line

Mitad del Mundo" or ‘Middle of the World’