Montecristi Golf Club & Villas

Montecristi Golf Club


Montecristi Golf Club and Villas is located 8 miles east of Manta. The course is a PAR 72, 18 holes. It is the first golf course in Manabí Province. The Montecristi Golf & Villas is built on 184 Hectares (454 Acres)



Membership Contracts are available  

One Time Fee $400 + $120/month

However, check for price changes at the time of inquiry.

 Any questions, please let me know


Course Fee ~ Membership


Golf Course Fee
18 holes (includes cart)

$50 Manabi Residents (All Days)

$100 Non Residents (All Days)

$70 Ecuador Residents (All Days)

$600 one time fee
$180 / Residents month 1 Yr Contract

$150 / Residents month 2 Yr Contract

$130 / Non Residents 1 Yr Contract

$110 / Non Residents 2 Yr Contract


Closed Mondays

Earliest Tee Time

Tuesday & Friday 7am

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 8am

Latest Tee Time

Before 1pm Get New Cart

After 1pm Get Old Cart

All golfers MUST register/pay at the 19th Hole before getting a golf cart to start play. The 19th Hole is located behind the main building/restaurant. If facing the main building, park in the right parking area and walk to the right of the main building around past the putting green.

Members - Monthly payments MUST be up to date. You have a 5 day grace period to pay & still be able to play.

Check with Juan Serrano (bilingual), Course Manager regarding Membership & Course Play.

Cell: +593 99 479 4593

Call or Whatsapp Text

Driving Range Golf Ball
50 Balls: $5.00

Golf Clubs & Tee Times


Golf Club Rental
Both right & left handed clubs for men & women

Tee Times
Call or Whatsapp Juan Serrano (speaks English)
+593 99 449 4593
Note: If playing for the first time let Juan know. You will need help getting around the course. 

A Taxi to & from

Manta ~ Montecristi cost about

$8-$10 each way.

Manta/Manabí Expat Golfers


Manta/Manabí golfers normally play on Tuesdays & Fridays first thing in the morning about 7:30am.

Any questions, please let me know

November 2018 Montecristi Golf course purchase of 20 new electric golf carts brand club car.

Among the advantages that players can enjoy, the new digital screens and the visage satellite system. Golf carts may but put in use by mid 2019.

First Time Visitors/Players


First Time Players/Visitors
Upon arriving at Montecristi Golf & Villas the golf cart area is located to the far right of the main entrance, on the right side of the facility from the parking lot. Proceed to the golf carts to get clubs if needed and to start your round. There should be an Ecuadorian (Jimmy, no English) who will have a golf cart & ask for clubs if needed.
Note: You pay when you finish in the restaurant (main building) at the bar.
There is a 19th Hole Bar facility but you can go into the restaurant area and sit at the bar for cold drinks and food if no one is in the 19th Hole to serve you. Also to pay for your round of golf.
The golf course is still a project in the making. The Tee boxes, greens and fairways are in great shape. The cart paths are still be constructed. 

Need To Know


1.    First & foremost, you may not be able to navigate your way around the 18 hole course. So, either go with someone who has played or tell Juan (Ecuadorian bilingual). Most directional signs to the holes are marked but if you don’t know where the next hole is you may not find it.
2.    It is not a walking course. Very long between holes with plenty of hills.
3.    Bring a cooler with plenty of beverages (water, beer and/or choice of drink)
a.    No beverage cart or facilities out on the course.
b.    Once you leave the club house area you do not return to the main facility until you finish 18 holes.
4.    We are close to the equator so you may need sun screen & a hat. It will be sunny & hot.
5.    Traveling between holes could be dusty.
6.    Just a suggestion, you might bring your golf glove, a few tees and maybe a few golf balls. Items are imported and little expensive, but there is a Pro Shop that you can purchase these items.
7.    Cart Paths ~ the cart paths are not completed/paved (dirt & rocks).
8.    Bring a camera. You have beautiful scenery to look at throughout the golf course from the Montecristi mountains to the Manta beaches 8 miles away.
9.    The course is surrounded by lots for houses. However, there are only a few houses built along the fairways or close by to worry about for now. But be sure to have a few extra golf balls because you will lose a few on this course.