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Hospitals & Clinics

Below are SUGGESTIONS of medical professionals expats have visited. 

We ask that you please do your due "diligence” in seeking other particular sites and/or information for medical professionals for your specific applicable needs.

Hospital (Public) Rodríguez Zambrano: Calle 18 & Avenida 38, Manta
Hospital/Clínica Del Sol: Calle 18 & Avenida 38, Manta

Hospital/Clínica San Gregoria: vía Puerto-Aeropuerto and Avenida 110 & 110A, Tarquí

Clínica Centeno: Calle 18 & Avenida 37, Manta
Clínica San Gregorio: Calle 18 & Avenida 38
Clínica Americana: Avenida 1 & Calle 13/14, Manta

CardioCentro ~ Emergency Room Facility (Private Hospital)
·    Level 3 Trauma Center (US: A Level III trauma center does not have the full availability of specialists, has resources for emergency resuscitation, surgery, and intensive care of most trauma patients.
·    Emergency Room 24/7
·    They provide emergency medical services for all illnesses, accidents, etc. and they specialize in cardiology.
·    They do NOT provide medical services: pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology or transplants
·    They have a CT Scanner and x-ray equipment. MRI unit
·    They have a heart catheterization lab
·    Pay by credit card or with cash
·    Cardio Centro will work with the IESS system for emergencies and surgeries)

Sistemas Médicos (SIME) 

Mall Del Pacifico

2nd Floor

Office Visits $27

Specialist $37.00

On Site Translator

Walk In


Monday – Friday 7:30am – 9:00pm

Saturday, Sunday & Holidyas 8:00am – 8:00pm

Payment at a hospital and/or clinic

You might check on travel travel insurance that provides coverage in case of accidents and illness before visiting Ecuador.

Under Ecuadorian law private and public healthcare systems must receive/treat any patient in case of an emergency, with/without insurance and/or payment. However, in reality this may not be the case in the private hospitals/clinics, so you may need a credit card and/or cash to get treatment.

Medical care cost is less expensive than in the US. Average doctor/specialist visit $20 - $50, total.


There are numerous Pharmacies/Farmacias through the Manta/Manabí area. If moving to or visiting Manta and/or Ecuador for a period of time you might bring your prescription(s) bottles, etc. with you. Occasionally, the local Farmacia will fill your prescription.

Most prescriptions are less expensive than in the US. 

Internal Medicine / Endocrinologist / Diabetes / Medicina Interna / Endocrinólogos / Diabetes

Dr. Javier Tibau (English)
Calle 18 (down the street from Rodriguez Zambrano public hospital) between Clínica Centro/San Gregorio & Ciencia Y Fé Lab
Unimedic - Unidad Médicao
Manta Tel: 0999507734

Dr. Angel Laz Cedeño (no English)
Doctor / Surgeon
Barrio Jocay J-7 y J-12
0996711314 / 052928982
Monday – Friday 3pm- 6pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm
Private visits: Sunday & Holidays 

Cardiologist / Cardiología

Dr. Migual Machuca (English)
Calle 18 & Avenida 37
Cardio Centro ~ Emergency Room Facility (Private Hospital)

Allergist / Alergólogo E Inmunólogo
Dr. Daniel Anchundia Reyes (no English)
Unimedic – Unidad Médicao
Between Clínica Centro/San Gregorio & Ciencia Y Fé Lab
Calle 18 entre Avenida 37/38
By Rodriguez Zambrano Hospital

Dermatologist / Dermatólogo

Dra. Janeth Jara Yont, dermatologist
Home: 2921334, 2677748, Office: 0998533266, cell: 0984649661
Speaks little English but very patient with my Spanish, and speaks clearly

Doctors ~ Dentist ~ Labs

Chiropractor / Quiropráctico
Dr. Lawrence Robert Tirino (Expat/English)
Avenida 24 & Calle 17 (2nd Floor)
Manta Tel: 052626015
Cell 0983625471

Ophthalmologist / Oftalmólogo  Instituto de la Visión

Dr. Roberto E. Alcívar Viteri (speaks English)
Flavio Reyes & Calle 29
Manta Tel: 2926948

Fundacion Vista Para Todos

Examination & Glasses (some English)

Avenida 19 & Calle 13/14

Cell: 0995551580


Otolaryngologist / Otorrinolaringólogo
Dr. Augusto Lourido Zea (Little English)
M3 & Avenida 24 (behind Mega KYWI)
Edificio Forteleza Suite #28
Manta Tel: 2612 867 - 0994269889

Dr. Eduardo Augusto Gonzalaz Tuala
Clínica Americana
Avenida 1 & Calle 13/14

Orthodontists / Odontológicas
Dr. Oliver Jácome Gáleas (Little English)
Flavio Reyes & Calle 20
Manta Tel: 0997093095 – 0995937677

Dr. Victor Carreño (English)
TopDental Manta
Dental Care, Surgical Treatments & Implants
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Calle Universitaria 12

Via Barbasquillo
095 914 6867

Centro de Implantes
Implant Centre
Dr. Joe Orti (Expat/English)
Edificio Torre de Reyes
Suite 9
Avenida 4 de Noviembre
Calle J-16
Tarqui Cell: 0985101308

Dr. Mirian Vera (English)
Ciudadela Universitaria Calle U 10 & Ave. U4
Manta Cell: 0994026043

Interlab en Manta
Calle 18 entre Avenida 38
Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am – 7pm
Sunday 7am – 5pm
Tele:3900666; 3900667; 3900668