Presidential Update

JANUARY 6, 2018
Ecuador’s National Assembly today appointed María Alejandra Vicuña as the new vice president of the country, replacing Jorge Glas.
With the vote of 70 assembly members, out of 106 present at the plenary session, the Assembly chose Vicuña, who was the first of a list of three female candidates sent to the Legislative by the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno.
Vicuña is the second woman in the history of Ecuador to hold the position of vice president.

VICE PRESIDENT María Alejandra Vicuña
Vicuña, who is a clinical psychologist at the University of Guayaquil and has a master's degree in Business Administration, was born in Guayaquil on February 13, 1978.
She has more than ten years of experience in politics occupying different important positions.
In 2007, she was appointed Regional Human Talent Coordinator of the Internal Revenue Service. For the legislative elections of 2009 she obtained a seat as a national assemblyman representing Guayas by Alianza PAIS. In the 2013 elections, she was re-elected as an assembly member by the same party.
During her time in the National Assembly she was part of the Parliamentary Group for the Rights of Women and was coordinator of the Parliamentary Group for the Guarantee of Rights of Children and Adolescents. She was also vice president of the Permanent Specialized Commission on the Right to Health and sent from Ecuador to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
In May 2017 she was named Minister of Urban Development and Housing by President Lenin Moreno. Her main work from the ministry has been the implementation of the "Casa para Todos" mission, which aims to build 325,000 homes throughout the country.
On October 4, 2017, through Executive Decree No. 176, she was appointed Constitutional Vice President of Ecuador, in charge, and at the same time she was the one who promoted the process of popular consultation.

DECEMBER 28, 2017

Election Council Referendum Vote on February 4, 2017
February 4, 2018 Ecuadorians will vote on seven referendum questions President Lenin Moreno wants answered in the affirmative.
Among the questions is one that, if approved, would reverse a constitutional amendment introduced by former president Rafael Correa that eliminated term limits for some elected officials, including the president. A yes vote would mean Correa would not be allowed to run again for president.

DECEMBER 18, 2017
Impeachment proceeding begin for Glas
Ecuador’s National Assembly has taken the first step to begin impeachment trial for Vice President Jorge Glas. Glas was convicted of corruption by the National Court and sentenced to six years in prison. Other charges against him are pending.

DECEMBER 14, 2017
Vice President Jorge Glas sentenced to six years in prison after Wednesday’s verdict.
A three-judge National Court of Justice tribunal sentenced Vice President Jorge Glas to six years in prison for his role in the Odebrecht corruption scandal. The sentence, announced is the maximum penalty for the crime of illicit association.
Also given a six-year sentence was Glas’ uncle, Ricardo Rivera, who the court said collected $14 million in bribes on Glas’ behalf.

Federal Prosecutors in Ecuador Investigating corruption within the National government of Ecuador with outgoing President Correa, re-elected Vice President Jorge Glas along with numerous other government officials. Investigations uncover many years of bribes to government officials to contract with specific developers on major projects in Ecuador. In Manta, expanding the seaport, building of the new oil refinery and rebuilding of the old refinery north of Manta to name a few.

MAY 2017
Ecuador has a new President. President Lenin Moreno & Vice President Jorge Glas.

Visiting Ecuador ~ Health Insurance

 Health insurance will be mandatory for all tourists arriving in Ecuador as August 6, 2018.
The requirement of having health insurance for visitors to Ecuador. Through an official communications, the Ministry of Tourism informs that the health insurance requirement for the time of permanence for foreign persons will be required once 180 days are counted as of August 6 of this year. The statement adds, in addition, that health insurance will guarantee your stay. “It will position Ecuador as a true tourist power, with the necessary conditions for world travelers who want to enjoy our attractions”. The willingness to demand health insurance is framed in the Organic Law of Human Mobility , which provides that every person entering the country “must have a public or private health insurance for the time of their stay in Ecuador, except the people who are mobilized in the zones of border integration, as foreseen in the international instruments ratified by Ecuador “. The regulation of the Law was based on the decree No. 111 that was published on August 3, 2017 to be effective as of February 2018, but now after the expiration of the Ministry of Tourism was postponed for six months. This requirement is defined in article 53, numeral 7 of the Organic Law of Human Mobility. In addition, Article 56 specifies the tourist status of the visitor and the obligations that must be met in case of prolonging their stay in the country.

Visitors have a number of options to contract health insurance
1. Travel agency. Advises to buy the insurance at the same time as the air ticket.
2. Insurance companies. There is service in offices or islands at airports and the visitor can acquire it upon arrival.
3. Search the internet. If the tourist does not like the above options, tourists can make their own consultation or buy from the country of origin.
4. Explain that some tourists already have some plan that includes insurance for international travel.